Your school's funding DEPENDS on the accuracy of the USOE Data Clearinghouse reports. This service is FREE to our clients.

USOE Annual Reports

The Utah State Office of Education Data Clearinghouse (UTREx) requires multiple annual reports that can be burdensome and confusing to your administration and staff. But, regardless of how difficult they are to compile, YOUR SCHOOL'S FUNDING DEPENDS ON THE ACCURACY OF THESE REPORTS.

Experience That Saves Time & Money

At H-Wire, we are experienced in this process and can solve problems that arise during the data entry and reporting processes, saving you time and money. We can also assist in maintaining the integrity of data that is submitted to the state as we oversee the reporting process and ensure that deadlines are met. 

No Cost

This service is free to our clients. 

UTREx Submissions

H-Wire is fully trained in UTREx submissions.