Driving down IT costs with simple, scaleable solutions.


Our time clock software can be used to track hours of all employees. It is user-friendly and offers the following benefits: 

  • It is completely web-based 
  • Users can clock in/out from any workstation on the network 
  • Robust reporting features to help track data

Lottery / Waiting list 

Running your school's lottery can be a complicated, high-pressure situation for administration and parents alike, but H-Wire offers a one-stop solution to help make it as organized and efficient as possible. 

Our lottery software is a full turnkey program that handles each step, from parent registration to the fully randomized lottery process. Some of its features include: 

  • Parent registration 
  • Administration access to update info in real-time 
  • Secure login through which parents can check status or update info 
  • Fully customizable reporting features 
  • Email features that automatically inform parents of student status 
  • Data can be exported into Excel 
  • Data is FERPA secured 

Asset Management 

The H-Wire Asset Management system is an easy way to keep track of inventory at your school, from technology to textbooks. It is completely web based and can be accessed from any computer. 

  • Our system will help simplify your tracking process through: 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Customizable reports Individual login access 
  • Audit trails that are maintained on a per-item basis 
  • Data that can be exported into Excel 


A Wiki is a secure website that can be formed collaboratively by your administration, faculty, and staff. It is a valuable tool through which you can store information that can be accessed and edited on a regular basis. 

  • Schools use an in-house Wiki in the following ways: 
  • An online faculty manual procedures, policies, faculty contact information, emergency contacts Post school charter for easy access and reference 
  • Grade-level collaboration – share lesson plans, goals, procedures School History 
  • Information about teachers and Board of Directors, board meetings, important events 

H-Wire will help design a Wiki that is specific to the needs of your school. It is Internet-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere. The data is secure and password protected to ensure privacy and safekeeping. This service will help you put all your school's important information in a central location that can be accessed digitally instead of stored in binders and forgotten.